PAF Action - Middle East Conflicts

Most of such operations are of course classified but the following emerged to become common knowledge. PAF pilots have served overseas extensively and were caught in action in numerous conflicts from the Arab-Israeli wars to the Ethopian Eritarian conflict.
Six Day war of 67 was a disaster for the Arab air forces, but not so for the pilot of a Jordanian air force Hunter - a certain Flt.Lt. Saiful Azam (of Pakistan Air Force!) accounting for 3 air victories, 2 of them in a single sortie including an all mighty Mirage. It must have been weird to fly Hunter against Mirage for a Pakistani pilot as this would be the other way around back home with the PAF. I firmly believe that PAF's experience overseas of flying bread and butter aircraft of the Indian Air Force (Hunter [Jordan], Mig-21[Syria], Gnat [UK] and IAF's lack of experience of F-86, F-104 and Mirages must have contributed to PAF advantage in the 65 and 71 conflicts.


Saiful Azam despatches the Mirage III to its unconventional and unscheduled landing in the desert below.His victim was escorting Vatour Bombers to the H-3 base, Minutes later Azam caught up with an exiting Vatour and made a real mess of it almost bringing the wreckage on to the H-3 building.


Saiful Azam badly disrupted the war plans of this Israeli Air force Super Mystere which was part of a formation attacking the major Jordanian air base at Mafrak. I wonder if it was a record on the Arab side considering that most of the Arab air forces were caught in a surprise attack and destroyed on ground


In the Yom-e-Kapoor war of 73, another Pakistani pilot Flt. Lt. Sattar Alvi repeated Azam's feat of shooting down an Israeli Mirage. Alvi was flying for the Syrian air force in a Mig-21 and got his man with a K-13 air to air missile.


This detachment of the Egyptian air force was flown by the Pakistan Air Force pilots and carried out several missions during the 73 war when the Arabs all but defeated Israel before the American 'intervention'.

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